Discovering a tree or shrub problem can be unsettling. With Mutchie Tree Care, it doesn't have to be.

Trust the Experts at Mutchie Tree Care.

Without proper training, it can be difficult to diagnose tree damage or illness. Many property owners are unsure what the exact problem is and end up wasting time and money trying to treat the problem on their own. More importantly, delaying the right treatment can put your tree and shrubs at risk. Trust the licensed experts at Mutchie Tree Care.

Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs

Working with a licensed arborist like Mutchie Tree Care will ensure problems are properly diagnosed and treated. Preserving your tree is our top priority. Our first step is to properly diagnose the problem and prepare a custom care and treatment plan. Depending on the diagnosis and severity of the problem, treatment may include:

  • Custom chemical applications based on the tree variety and local landscape

  • Thinning the tree

  • Bracing the tree to help it regain its strength and growth pattern

Common Signs of an Issue



Potential issues include coloring, spotting or thinning (lack of leaves coming in) 


Damaged tree bark may show abnormal growth or bark discoloring



You may discover that pH levels in the soil are not providing adequate nutrients for the vegetation.



If your tree's root system is exposed, pay attention to changes that might suggest damage.



Sudden, odd growth patterns or leaning may indicate weakness or imbalance.

Maintenance is Your Best Defense.

The best defense against common tree and shrub problems is to invest in a maintenance plan that provides optimal nutrients and care based on your specific greenery. Learn how a Maintenance Program can protect your investment over time.